Up, up and Away - Forever

What is a good image? Color, light, treatment?
Adriano Markendorf thinks that it is a sum of all those factors.
Obsessed with details, Adriano is a recognized advertising and fashion photographer, that, along  the years, added a number of skills and abilities that made him a differentiated professional.
With esthetic sense and technical knowledge, Adriano started his career as an illustrator (Indian ink, watercolor, airbrush). After he had been working as an art director and a creative director, his interest in composition led him to work in the handling of images and, soon, to photography.
So, we may say that his job does not end at the click. Professional retoucher, he still does Colograding (colorist films), as well he has  a good understanding of  3D composition. Adriano actively participates in the photo production, always  including alternative proposals, in order to extract the best results with unorthodox solutions.
A unique background that allows  him  to establish an easy dialogue with art directors and films, based on  his experience in the creative process.
Born in Rio de Janeiro, Adriano, who has worked for over 25 years in the world of visual arts, started shooting about nine years ago. He already had parts running in Cannes and many of his work were published at Luzer's Archieve and many other festivals.
Adriano is a professional who goes deep into everything he does. Fascinated by people and landscapes (nature or urban), his work is highly emotional, impacting in a dramatic or in a playful way.
A typical result from someone who is sensitive to all artistic expressions, as a voracious reader, lover of music and classics, Adriano has as references, in movies: Kubrick, Nolan, Guy Richie, Jodorowvisky, Jeunet, and Alex Proyas;  in photography: Helmult, Ansel Adams, Almas, Dariusz Wolski and Caravaggio. Moebius, Miller, Mazzuchelli and Alex Ross, in comics books.
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